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Let Us Guide You to The Best Eating out in Chiang Mai with Thai Government Standard Rewarded.

Comedara Restaurant has a standard rewarded, one of the best Thailand Northern Food. Welcome to our restaurant, we would like to recommend you for some Thai, Europe or Northern Thai Food and new promotion in August.

In Thailand, Northern food is highly admired; the food is milder and takes pleasure in varieties of culinary (cooking, seasoning and serve). Most northern Thai food originally, basically a mix between the Shan Burmese and Yunnanese as they settled in parts of Northern Thailand and Siam ruled for over 200 years. Thailand Northern food has its own exclusive way of cooking, serving and eating food.

We would like to recommend you Khan Toke , it is traditional to sit on the floor around a small table to eat your meal . The Khan Toke set is a starter with Spicy Northern Sausage; It is Chiang Mai sausage made from pork and spices, it is roasted on open fire. This Delicious starter is normally served with Thai sticky rice and accompanying dips. Crispy pork Rind is another favourite, it was dry cured with salt and garlic and then deep fried, it is a well known appetizer and is served with with Ground Pork Dip (Nam Prik ong). This is served with every Khan Toke dinner, and also includes Pork Hang Le. This dish made with pork tamarind, shallots, garlics, onions, gingers and hang le powder which make it taste sweet and sour. You are sure to impressed and enjoy all the dishes that you try at our restaurant ,don't forget to pay us a visit to experience the best in Thailand Northern Food.